Please find below some information to get wonderful images of your wedding.


Please don’t forget to put your sun cream on (mainly on your face) well in advance of your wedding day if you don’t want to look like a “red tomato”! Furthermore, ladies, depending on your wedding dress, be careful with ugly suntan prints on your shoulders, torso and back.


It is very often warm during the ceremony, and people are easily sweating. A common advice is then to use a mat skin-foundation to decrease skin brightness which are not aesthetic on images (also, keep a handkerchief in your pocket). Gentlemen, please don’t put sun cream on your face on the D-Day, due to very high skin brightness.

Time of the ceremony        IMPORTANT !

Light highly depends on the time of the ceremony. During winter (June, July and August), it is better to set the time of the ceremony at around 3:30pm; in April, May, September and October, the best time is at around 4pm and in summer (from November to March) it is at around 4:30pm / 5pm. At the before-mentioned times, light is be of better quality than beginning of afternoon, when the sun is more vertical causing ugly shadows on faces. This will also enable us to shoot wonderful sunset images.

Photo mariage - Ile Maurice Photo mariage - Ile Maurice Photo mariage - Ile Maurice Photo mariage - Ile Maurice Photo mariage - Ile Maurice


At the beginning of your stay, visit your hotel’s gardens and nice locations where you would like to be photographed ... unless you’d like to be fully guided by me !

Photographer (or video-cameraman) proposed by your hotel or travel agency

To immortalize the precious unforgettable moments of your wedding day and to guarantee the memories of this unique day, the choice of your photographer is essential. You are free to chose the photographer proposed by your hotel or travel agency, but you have to be aware of some precautions to take:

I insist on the fact that these words don’t aim at all at denigrating my fellow photographers but only at raising some awareness ! When an hotel (or agency) propose a photographer, it is really important that you ask for references and samples of images taken by the proposed photographer. Indeed hotels can hire “amateur” photographer, as, in Mauritius, anybody (without any degree or training) who has a camera and takes some images can be so-called “photographer”! The risk of getting badly-framed and exposed images without any originality is real.

Obviously, there are also many good photographers in Mauritius, who will shoot wonderful images. It is only important to be well informed in advance to prevent any disappointment. It would really be a pity that the images of your unique and magic day are spoiled and of bad quality !

Please find below some advice to avoid this kind of issue:

Get references of the photographer who will cover your wedding, such as:
- his name and his degree
- some samples of images (portrait, atmosphere ...)
- a CV or better, a website of the photographer

Ask to shoot enough images to have a good selection choice of the best photos

Ask for the deliverables. What exactly will be delivered - printing proofs, CDs ... ? What if you’d like to do some further print-out. Are your images post-processed and optimized ?                                                                                  

Don’t hesitate to tell your wishes to the photographer (locations, lights ...) et ask him advice for poses.

I wish you a good luck and wonderful images !


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