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  Mauritius is the perfect place to get married !

What could be more romantic than getting married on a white-sand beach, under palm-trees’ shade close to a turquoise blue lagoon ?

Choosing a good photographer is crucial to immortalize those unique memories. You wouldn’t want to spoil such sweet moments ?

An original wedding necessarily implies original images. However, a beautiful scenery background is sometimes not enough to capture the happiness and emotions of the couple. The photographer will need a good dose of creativity, a zest of complicity, two pinches of candidness and a bite of humor to take successful images.

Photo mariage - Ile Maurice

As a swiss professional photographer settled in Mauritius for 9 years now, I do not limit myself shooting just traditional wedding photos, with an obsolete touch. The diversity of my work: under water or aerial views, landscapes, fauna or flora, reportage, portraits or fashion, makes my approach of shooting wedding photos unquestionably different. It’s because shooting wedding photos being only a small part of my activity that I find with each couple the good ingredients to make successful original images.

The awaken complicity between the couple and the photographer springs up new ideas, new images, modern and natural. Each reportage is unique and must be the reflect of an exceptional day. As such, I take into account the wishes of the couple. The work is always adjusted to their style: romantic, fashion, classic, modern... while preserving the originality of the photographer’s eye!

Unlike many of my fellow photographers in Mauritius, I don’t finish my job at the end of the shooting session because digital photography has to be refined on a computer. To get the best images as possible, contrast, density, colors, framings are modified and various post-processing are performed. All steps of image processing are controlled to deliver perfect wedding reportages to the newly married couple.

Photo mariage - Ile Maurice Photo mariage - Ile Maurice Photo mariage - Ile Maurice

You are warmly welcome to discover my “know-how” across my photo gallery as well as my “services and rates”. Please don’t forget to read my “useful advice” to make your D-day a success. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact me.



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